How to Speak to Young People About Why They Should Avoid Marijuana


It’s a hard job to do, but all parents should talk to their children about the hazards of using drugs. As marijuana is one of the cheapest and easiest-to-find drugs, the danger of it getting into the reach of children is widely present. Many times, parents’ advice is the best help teenagers and young people can have in order to be well informed about the risks of drug use, and to make the decision to avoid it altogether. As daunting as it may be to begin this dialogue, there are important strategies that parents can use to really catch their kids’ attention. Of course, it’s important for parents to use their own words and be genuine, but there are certain facts that parents should familiarize themselves with before speaking with their kids about how to avoid drug abuse.

1.- Don’t exaggerate the harmful effects of smoking marijuana. Young people nowadays are very well informed, and they can find almost any information about any subject through the internet and other media. If parents talk about nonexistent or overstated effects of marijuana use, children might assume that these adults are not well informed, or maybe even suspect that the parents are just plain lying. Misrepresenting the effects of marijuana could jeopardize the trust needed to talk about these difficult issues hemp oil benefits cancer.

2.- Don’t hyperfocus on the issue of marijuana use. With attention spans that seem to get shorter and shorter, young people can get bored very quickly; talking to kids about marijuana too frequently can put you at risk of losing their attention. Talk about the problem, but also give your kids time to think about this issue by themselves.

3.- The effects of marijuana are not quite as dangerous as many people believe, so it’s better to be well-informed and talk to young people using well supported facts. If we want keep young people from abusing marijuana or other drugs, it is better to talk to them openly and honestly. Smoking weed is not a big hazard by itself, but the possibility of marijuana users moving on to other drugs after trying marijuana is a serious risk. The very problem is that it is easy to think, “If I can control my pot use, then I could control any other drug” a mindset that can lead people to then try other potentially uncontrollable drugs.

People who decide to smoke marijuana are making almost the same decision about harming their health as people who decide to smoke tobacco. While almost nobody lets their addiction to tobacco become a gateway to another drug, more than 80% of marijuana smokers start using other drugs that are far more harmful.

4.- Use your own life experience as an example. Whether you don’t smoke, or you do, or you’ve quit, you have a powerful tool to talk to younger people about smoking risks. If you smoke (the hard situation) you could say: “Take my own example as a warning, once you start smoking, it’s very hard to quit.” If you don’t smoke (congratulations!) you could share the reasons why you don’t. If you used to smoke, but have quit (the best case) you could share your experience in your own words about why you quit, and how difficult it was to accomplish.

5.- Because non-medical use of marijuana is illegal in most countries, one of the best arguments you can use is that doesn’t matter if smoking pot is harmful or not, getting caught with it will almost surely lead to being jailed. In many jurisdictions, people charged with marijuana possession face strict penalties that may be disproportionate to the offense. Please, be sure that the young people you talk to are made aware of the difficult, and often unfair, legal situations that they could be faced with.

6.- It can’t be stressed enough that there is so little to gain from smoking marijuana that is undeniably better to avoid it completely.

There are other valuable facts and strategies to help people to avoid or quit marijuana use. Please keep reading here if you want to learn more. Of course, if you smoke and want to quit, it is an excellent way to gain more credibility and authority when talking to young people about the risks of smoking marijuana. If you have decided to make this change, read more about how you can quit smoking easily in just a few days.